Mugamoodi is not your typical Hollywoodian Batman or Bruce Lee flick. It, however, draws inspiration from these films and is Kollywood’s own take on the comic book and martial art heroes. Be that as it may, director Mysskin, known for his cinematic acumen, makes a cocktail of the two, to give audiences Kollywoodian Man with the Mask going by the name of Bruce Lee. Mugamoodi tries to drive home the homily that anyone can be a superhero as goes its tagline: The Hero Within.  

Eschewing needless commercial digressions, Mysskin ensures he does not bestow on his hero superhuman qualities. He, however, treads the proverbial path of a vigilante hero taking on evil-doers to help the diaspora in distress.

Unable to eke out his living using his martial skills, Bruce Lee falls for the charms of police commissioner Gaurav’s daughter Shakthi. Trying to woo her and win over her sister’s kids with his martial skills, the besotted beau dons the caped costume. One such sojourn sees him chase the crooks and help the cops nab them. But he incurs the wrath of Dragon, the don of the gangsters who plots to slay the commissioner and pin it on Bruce Lee. How our vigilante Adonis snares the Dragon to win back his lady love forms the rest of the story.

Mugamoodi, shorn of regular masala, does have its moments. Jivva lives the role jiving and jousting with full flourish. Sathya’s cinemagraphy adds a dash of technical and visual gloss to the movie, which, however, is sadly done in by its longish screen time. Mugamoodi with Mysskin’s Midas touch is worth a watch.

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