Some fun with farce

Some fun with farce

Complete Mayhem

The setting was perfect. Plush sets, a cast of seasoned actors and guests, who turned out in their weekend best, ready to party the night away after some good old-fashioned entertainment. Farcical in the true sense of the word with plenty of frantic ‘to-ing’ and ‘fro-ing’, the plot surrounds an assistant bank manager, Peter Hunter, who lives above his bank with his bride of two weeks, Frances.

She innocently sends a mail order off for some Scandinavian glassware, but what comes back is Scandinavian pornography.

To complicate matters, Peter’s overbearing mother Eleanor descends upon the newly weds with every intention of making herself comfortable for a long while.
The two, along with the bank’s frantic chief cashier Brian Runnicles, (played by Aamir Raza Husain) must then decide what to do with the copious quantities of pornography, photographs, books and films that flood the little flat and threaten to engulf the happy couple.

Matters get further complicated when Needham, a visiting bank inspector, lands up on the couple’s doorstep and becomes another unwanted houseguest.
Vernon Paul, the suspicious police superintendent, pops in and out unexpectedly, keeping a stern eye on the flat and its occupants, who spend a great deal of time running frantically around and into each other.

In the meanwhile, Bromhead and Eleanor are dating and the shady Scandinavian pornographer decides to send over two flashily-dressed young women to please the difficult customers. Of course, there is more mayhem and madness with plenty of bedroom noise and confusion. But like good slapstick comedy, all’s well in the end. The rest of the cast included Akshay Chadha, Rahul Batra, Eisha Chopra, Alina Hasan, Sanjeev Desai, Daman Sindhu, Radhik Mitra, Esha Sanyal and Kayhan.The evening continued into the night with guests lingering on for some dining and fellowship and interaction with the cast.