Two women suffer burns

Two women suffer burns

Two women sustained burns when a gas stove burst into flames at a house in Ramamurthy Nagar early Monday morning.

Rajamma, 80, lit the stove to make coffee when it caught fire engulfing the elderly woman. Hearing her cries, her neighbour and landlady, Fatima Mary, rushed to her rescue, injuring herself in the process. Other neighbours too arrived and doused the flames.

The two women were rushed to Victoria Hospital where Rajamma is said to be in a critical condition with 55 per cent burns. Mary, who suffered 15 per cent burns, is out of danger.
A leak in the gas cylinder could have caused the accident, police said.

Man arrested for assault

A man has been arrested in SJ Park for attacking his friend late on Sunday night. Both men were coolies. The incident occured after the two had several rounds of drinks, police said.

Mehboob, 28, a native of Tumkur, demanded the repayment of a loan from Wasim Khan, 41.

When Khan said he could not pay, an enraged Mehboob slashed Khan’s neck with a razor.  Khan was rushed to Victoria Hospital for treatment. SJ Nagar Police arrested Mehboob on ‘attempt-to-murder’ charges.