Baba's will cut out family

Baba's will cut out family

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A year after the demise of spiritual master Sathya Sai baba, a will has now emerged in which he had left all the contributions solely for the charitable purpose and had cut out his family from any claims.

The will, dictated and signed by Sai Baba nearly 45 years ago in the presence of two witnesses, has mentioned that contributions received from devotees should be used for charitable purposes and he had renounced worldly pleasures and familial ties.

The deed document, dated March 23, 1967, was submitted before a board meeting of the Sri Satya Sai Central Trust by Satyajit, a close aide and caretaker of Baba. It was decided to make the contents of the will public.

The timing of the disclosure is significant as it comes in the backdrop of media reports of an alleged rift between the family members of the Godman and the all-powerful trust members.
Baba passed away in April last year, leaving a massive spiritual empire he had built over five decades.

The Sai Central Trust, which has a global network of philanthropic activities, manages assets estimated to be worth over Rs 40,000 crore.

Baba’s demise, after a prolonged illness, had evoked fears of a bitter war of succession to manage the vast spiritual empire.

“Whatever is given to me by my devotees is under my management, supervision and control as a trustee to be used for public charitable purposes. This declaration I am making so that nobody can claim under or through me in the family properties,” the deed said.