Credit card defaulters' dues to be deducted from salary

Last Updated 28 September 2009, 19:22 IST

Employees who may have defaulted on payment, however, cannot object to this deduction of dues at source, according to the new clause introduced in the terms and conditions adopted by many of the banks.

Such deductions will be remitted to the bank and will continue till the entire dues are recovered.

The amended terms and conditions say that “no law or contract” governing either the card holder or employers prevents the bank from seeking such deduction and subsequent payment by the employer to the bank.

However, the new clause is applicable only to customers who default on their credit card payments.

Customers informed

Prior notice has already been sent to all out customers to make them aware of this clause.
“Only the defaulters in repayment need to be concerned and it is not of concern to regular customers,” an ICICI Bank official had said.

(Published 28 September 2009, 19:22 IST)

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