Tucked inside the green

Tucked inside the green

Dayananda Sagar Institutions are prestigious in many ways. Apart from the routine academics, students of this college enjoy being in the sprawling campus, which has an amphi-theatre, a temple, a  shop and a multi-cuisine food outlet.

 The students call themselves ‘Dynamites’ but they also say that they are cool most of the time and explode when they have to showcase their strength.
Young boys and girls, in colourful outfits, make the campus look radiant and beautiful.

These youngsters are in awe of the campus, “It is great to be a part of this green environment. We have a spacious campus, spreading over 28 acres of land, which resembles the Electronics City. It is on a picturesque and peaceful hillock and provides us an enriching experience in a quiet atmosphere,” says Dimpi Bora from Assam, who is pursuing her BBM at Dayanand’s.

Nayana finds the multi-linguistic atmosphere of the campus, a special thing to revere.

“I have many friends from different linguistic backgrounds. We speak English only in the classroom. Outside, we speak Hindi, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu. It has enabled us to get closer to each other,” she reveals.

Binny has done her BCA from the institution and has a great admiration for the college.

“After coming here, I learnt the meaning of discipline and punctuality. The facilities we have here and the cooperation of the teaching and non-teaching staff is wonderful. I have my memories of every corner of this campus and the fun we had here cannot be described. I am missing all that now,” she says.
Even though thousands of students are learning here, there is still  a lot of serenity. The campus is wifi-enabled and students make use of the service without any fail. Prashanth and his friends, who were surfing the Net inside the campus, had many things to share.

They were anticipating the college cultural fest and planning for an event.
Prashanth says, “I was afraid on the first day of my college thinking I would be ragged. But no such thing happened.”

“We tease each other but maintain a dignity. We are ‘Dynamites’. We know we are watched by everyone as we are one of the best in the country. We always keep in mind the name our institution has earned all these years,” he adds.