Broadcast sector cap upped to 74%

Broadcast sector cap upped to 74%

The government on Friday decided to raise FDI cap to 74 per cent in various services of the broadcast sector, except TV news channels and FM radio where the cap of 26 per cent will apply.

The decision of the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) will apply to broadcast carriage services providers, including Direct-to-Home, Head-end in the Sky (HITS), Multi-Service Operators (MSOs) and cable TV to bring about uniformity.

Till now, 49 per cent FDI was allowed in cable TV and DTH while it is 74 per cent in HITS.
HITS is a satellite multiplex service that provides TV channels for cable operations.

Among other segments, 74 per cent FDI was allowed in Mobile TV, which is an area of future growth.

Commerce Minister Anand Sharma said that, of the 74 per cent, 49 per cent will be through automatic route, while the rest will be allowed through government route, implying Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) clearance.

However, for TV news channels, current affairs, FM radio and content providers, the FDI limit will stay at 26 per cent.