BBMP issues guidelines for garbage segregation

Dumping waste on streets will attract fine, commissioner warns public

With only a fortnight left for the segregation of garbage at source to become mandatory, the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) on Saturday issued guidelines for the general public about the delivery and collection of municipal solid waste in the City.

The palike has classified garbage into wet waste, dry waste, garden waste, rubbish, sanitary waste and household hazardous wastes.

BBMP Commissioner Rajneesh Goel, through a notification, also defined what constitutes garbage and elaborated on how to handle garbage at the household or commercial level. Failure to comply with the guidelines will invite penalty.

He also warned the public against throwing garbage on the streets which would attract a penalty.

It also defined “occupier” as any person paying or liable to pay the owner rent or any portion of the rent of the vacant land or building or part of the same.

The palike reminded the people that they shall not mix wet waste with any other type of waste. The wet waste should be handed over daily to the specified wet waste collectors at specified times. The BBMP will provide for daily collection of wet waste at the gate or doorstep or at the nearest common access point.

The BBMP has also instructed people to unload wet waste directly into the bins or vehicles brought to the citizens' doorstep or the nearest access point. No wet waste should be handed over in plastic bags or non-biodegradable bags. The BBMP will refuse to accept wet waste if it is handed over in plastic bags.

Residents should retain with them unwanted dry waste so that they can hand it over to designated dry waste collectors who will visit their areas on a specific day of a week or a

The BBMP will release the name of the place where dry waste will be processed. People can directly visit such collection points and hand over the dry waste. Similarly, garden waste will also be collected from residential premises on a particular day by authorised persons.

Rubbish will be collected on request against charges to be specified. Inerts lying uncollected for over a month will be removed by the BBMP during its monthly ward-wise cleaning drives.

The cost of such removal willbecollected along with the property taxfromthe occupier
of the site. cSanitary waste must be handed over daily along with the wet waste, suitablywrappedinmarkednewspapers.

Household Hazardous Wastes (HHW) should be retained within the premises until
collected quarterly or earlier on specific dates. They may also be deposited at designated
HHW collection points, which will be intimated to the public from time to time.

Besides, the palike hasasked the public to refrain from throwing garbage on the streets.

*  No wet waste should be handed over in plastic bags
* Wet waste should not be mixed with any other type of waste
* Depositing waste on streets, public spaces, vacant sites will attract fines
* BBMP will collect cost of rubbish removal along with property tax
* Sanitary wastes to be wrapped in newspaper and marked with red cross

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