Police pose as naxals to interrogate suspects in Gadchiroli

Police pose as naxals to interrogate suspects in Gadchiroli

Police personnel in this naxal hotbed allegedly posed as naxals and took into custody a girl, who was reportedly a member of a frontal organisation of the ultras.

On September 13, a 26-year-old girl from Godalwahi village near here, who had allegedly worked as a singer with naxal organisation Chetna Natya Manch, was called by her friend on the pretext of meeting somebody.

Later, the girl was confronted by some men allegedly posing as naxals who took her to Gadchiroli district police headquarters for interrogation.

Meanwhile, not being able to locate her daughter, the girl's father approached Dhanora police station and asked them to lodge a complaint.

However, the police allegedly refused to file a missing complaint and instead asked the father to search for the girl elsewhere.

On September 14, the distraught father again went to police and filed a complaint.

Yesterday, mediapersons approached Dhanora police officials to find out progress in search of the girl.

Dhanora sub-divisional police officer Amit Kale said they were aware of the incident and the "girl was taken in custody for interrogation" by the CRPF personnel with the assistant of district police, since she had worked in close association with the ultras till about two years back.

On CRPF personnel not revealing their identity to the girl and allegedly posing as naxals, Kale said "it has to be done on security grounds because the Godalwahi village (50 kms from Gadchiroli) is quite sensitive and naxal affected".

"The girl has now been released after due interrogation," he said.

Police also said no offence was registered against the girl as she was not found to be involved in any acts of violence by Maoists.

The information about her was provided by some of the surrendered naxalites and she was picked up just for interrogation, Kale maintained.

Meanwhile, Dhanora police station officer said the girl had safely reached her home yesterday, but evaded further queries regarding the incident.