Celebrating Lord Ganesha with colours

Last Updated 18 September 2012, 17:22 IST

Lord Ganesha inspires all with his unusual looks and through extraordinary and curious myths associated with him. Moreover, artists  get inspiration to their paintings from Lord Ganesha.

The exclusive painting expo “Ganesha Chathurthi Special -2012” organised by Vrikshakala, Udupi at Art Gallery, Manipal has displayed various artifacts of Lord Ganesha in the acrylic form, on canvas and Kavi paintings and also in the form of clay art sculptures.

The exhibition comprises of art exhibits from the artists Ravi Heerebettu, Srinath Manipal and Venki Palimar. Artist Ravi Heerebettu who is known for “Kavi” paintings told Deccan Herald that Lord Ganesha is one subject that every artist would like to experiment his ideas and play with colours to scribble it on the canvas.

Ravi Heerebettu was always passionate with Ganesha and when he decided to carve the Lord in “Kavi” art, the result that emerged was absolutely stunning.  

This art is an intricate art on murals promoted by the Konkani community (Saraswaths) in the coastal belt stretching from Goa to Karnataka.

The art which was on the verge of extinct,  is now attracting the artists. These are essentially mono-chrome and mural paintings.

Here, the colour used is brilliant red which is made up of “urimanju.”  Lord Ganesha’s paintings in Kavi art have given a vibrant and innovative look.

The paintings narrate the mythological stories related to the Ganesha. The Kavi art of Lord Ganesha comprises the paintings of “Ganesha and Chandra”, “Lord Ganesha placed on rat” and “Nritya Ganesha.”

Ravi Heerebettu also has five acrylic paintings representing “Mudra Ganapathy”. Artist Srinath Manipal has exhibited six canvas paintings on Ganesha.

He said an artist will have immense freedom of imagination while painting Ganesha on canvas, he added.

The clay sculptures of Venki Palimar attracted the attention of the visitors.  He said that he wanted to depict Lord Ganesha along with his various moods. He has displayed 22 terracotta sculptures and also seven Mural paintings in the expo.

He said the terracotta sculptures of Ganesha have presented the Lord in sitting , sleeping mood and Yoga posture that is “Yoga Ganesha”. He is also seen playing “Chennemane”.
The Mural paintings are mainly focusing on colours as the artist Venki was keen on trying out with varieties of colours to illustrate Ganesha’s striking appearance.

Bright colours like blue, green and orange were used to paint Ganesha.

(Published 18 September 2012, 17:22 IST)

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