This low cholesterol egg fights thyroid, obesity

This low cholesterol egg fights thyroid, obesity

 An egg that promises to bring down high cholesterol levels dramatically and proves effective in fighting diseases like thyroid and obesity now seems a reality.

The zoology department of Panjab University in Chandigarh has earned its first ever patent with this egg. The modified egg, which also helps regulate blood sugar levels in diabetic patents, is a result of six years of extensive research.

Egg has long been associated with high cholesterol and fat content, especially its yellow york. However, the modified feed and egg patented by the university bring down cholesterol levels in the body up to 30 per cent within just 14 days of intake of this egg, its inventor retired university professor A K Taneja told Deccan Herald.
Taneja claimed that the low-cholesterol and low fat egg was possible after he made modifications in the poultry feed that was given to hens.

He said he put to effect dramatic changes in the nutritional component in poultry feed, altering its protein and mineral levels, which delivered results over a sustained period of time. The egg that was eventually produced was encouragingly high in Omega-3, an essential anti-ageing, anti-oxidant nutrient considered useful for patients suffering from cardio-vascular diseases.

“This modified egg has three times more Omega-3. An ordinary egg has dismally low Omega-3. The patent was approved at the regional patent office in New Delhi last month. The modified poultry seed, too, has been patented. The university will now sell the patent for commercial use,” he said.

Zoology head of department of Panjab University Neelam R Kumar said a patent epitomises the credibility and authenticity of any research. “According to the research findings, this modified egg helps reduce cholesterol levels and is effective in weight loss,” she said.

By eating one ordinary egg, a person consumes 4.51 mg of fat against 3.5 mg of fat in this modified egg. The amount of cholesterol intake is also far less in this egg. The patented egg has rich quantity of Omega-3 nutrition which is significantly low in an ordinary egg.