Psychopath confines wife, 3 daughters for seven years

Psychopath confines wife, 3 daughters for seven years

Horror unfolds

The tormentor, 60-year-old Francis Gomes, held the four women captive at his home in Vasai on the northern fringes of Mumbai.

Thane district police said Gomes had confined the four as he was reportedly worried that his daughters might be raped if they stepped out of the house.

According to police, Francis was unemployed. He would leave the house every morning but always locked the door, giving an impression that his family was away. The rooms were dark as the windows were boarded up.

A few months ago, the second daughter managed to escape with the help of an NGO. However, other three women were too scared to follow suit, fearing Francis would somehow hunt them down.

On Tuesday morning, social workers belonging to Anand Rehabilitation Centre along with the police rescued Theresa (50) Barbara (27) and Elizabeth (21) from the house while Francis was away.

The women told stories of horror — of regular beatings and of being deprived of food and clothing.

Barbara had suffered a broken neck after Gomes punished her for failing a college exam. She now has no control over the movement of her head.

The traumatised trio have been taken to a government hospital for treatment.
After the rescue story broke out, the locals caught Gomes and beaten him up. He too is in hospital under police custody.

Theresa has refused to file a complaint against her husband.