Yoga classes fail to impress mahout, kavadi families

Yoga classes fail to impress mahout, kavadi families

They have enough exercise walking Dasara elephants daily

Amba Vilas Palace acting as the backdrop. Two elephants with tusks on either side. Mahouts, kavadis and their children performing yoga. Picture perfect don’t you think?
Unfortunately No.

The picture unfolded at the Amba Vilas Palace where deputy commissioner P S Vastrad was expected to inaugurate the yoga camp to be conducted by expert Raghavendra Pai exclusively for mahouts, kavadis and their children.

However, much to the amusement of the media present at the scene,  majority of the mahouts, kavadis and the children were unwilling to participate. Finally, after an official ‘rounded them’ up for participation, a handful treaded towards the venue.


Meanwhile, the deputy commissioner arrived at the venue, completed a few ‘asanas’ and headed back after posing for the cameras. No sooner had the deputy commissioner left the venue, the group, which had posed for the cameras disappeared within less than five minutes and yoga came to an end.


When an official at the venue was questioned, he pleaded anonymity and said, “Sir, the mahouts and kavadis start early in the morning by tying the gaddi on the Dasara elephant and then walk for nearly 10 kilometres. That itself is enough exercise for them. If you come for two days, you will see the number of people performing yoga.”

Another issue that irked the people present at the venue was that yoga was taken up in the afternoon, when the heat from the scorching sun was at its maximum. As one of those present at the venue quipped, “I’ve heard of yoga in the morning and in the evening. Never ever at such a hot time.”