Modi's mantra: Keep family out of administration

Transfers, surprise visits, on the spot suspension will not help
Last Updated : 02 October 2009, 17:42 IST
Last Updated : 02 October 2009, 17:42 IST

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The Gujarat CM in his lecture at Sahachintan Baithak at Suttur, suggested Yeddyurappa and his Cabinet colleagues not to entertain family members in administration. It is learnt that Modi told the ministers that intervention of family members affects administration badly.

Yeddyurappa was very much present when Modi made these remarks. It is he who, during the last Lok Sabha polls, was hell bent on getting the BJP ticket for his son Raghavendra, who later won from Shimoga constituency. Besides, there are allegations that members of the CM’s family intervene in the administration. A few ministers, who attended the baithak, shared Modi’s suggestions with Deccan Herald.

Low profile
Modi reportedly told the ministers he had never entertained his family members in administration. Narendra Modi’s brother Pankaj works as a clerk in the Information Department of Gujarat. Modi said that his brother had been maintaining a low profile. His brother had not visited Modi’s chamber even once since he became the chief minister of Gujarat first time in 2001. Yeddyurappa had one more important suggestion from Modi on transfer of Government officers. In Modi’s view frequent transfers affect the administration. “If you think that you can punish an officer by transferring from his present position, you are wrong. Transfer will not serve as punishment. If you transfer a corrupt officer, no matter where you put him, he will continue to do the same,” he said.

He was also against making surprise visits and suspending officers on the spot. In his view, suspension would not help the administration. The minister’s ability lies in getting the assigned work done by the available staff. The State could attract investment if the process to get clearances was made easy. In Gujarat, investors get clearances from agencies within three days. Karnataka ministers were surprised when Modi said he avoids using cellphones. He said so far he used cell phone only twice, including an occasion when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was on the other end.

Anti-cellphone stand
However, his anti-cellphone stand has not affected him from developing good rapport with investors. He told the ministers to avoid cellphones. “If you go on attending all your calls, you will not get time to concentrate on your department. Keep good staff and ask them handle calls. Receive only important ones,” he said.
In the four-hour long speech, Modi gave many tips to improve administration. The prominent among them was to keep good staff members.
“The personal staff played a major role in building up the minister’s image in society. Keep good four or five officers, who can work with you efficiently,” he said.

Hidden dreams of the ministers came out during an interactive session conducted by BJP general secretary Ananth Kumar. He asked each minister what was his/her childhood dream. Here are a few answers.
* RDPR Minister Shobha Karandlaje - To be a police officer
* Mining tycoon Janardhan Reddy - To be a film
* Health Minister Sriramulu - To become Superintendent of Police
* Sports Minister Goolihatti Shekhar - To be a lecturer in Botany
* Transport Minister Ashok - To become a police officer

Published 02 October 2009, 17:42 IST

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