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Select the right course

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Dear Sir,
I am interested in Income Tax. I have completed my graduation and want to learn Income Tax in detail. So help me choose the right course and the colleges offering it.

Dear Rajesh,
Income Tax is a compulsory subject in all B.Com and M.Com courses, and that is how your foundation can be laid.  Even if you are appearing for Chartered Accountancy or related fields, you will have to study Taxation. Some colleges offer additional credit courses in Taxation. Now you can go for deeper learning at the post-graduate level specialising in Taxation, either through an MBA, or a PGDM, which are available both in the regular and distance learning mode.  One or two years of work experience with an established tax practitioner will sharpen your practical skills and make you a professional. Another option would be to enrol for a 3-year LLB and subsequently specialise in taxation laws.

Dear Sir,
I am a final year BE student of Computer Science. I am not sure whether I should do an M.Tech or an MBA after B.Tech. I was thinking of doing an MBA as my technical skills are not very good. However, some seniors suggested that I go ahead and do an M.Tech since there is no great use of pursuing an MBA after BE. What should I do?
Gaurav R

Dear Gaurav,
It is true that innumerable engineers who have jumped into MBA only because they felt they are not strongly technology-oriented, have not been able to get good jobs. That is the reason why most reputed B-schools give preference to people who have work experience of a few years, and are more focused on what field of management they would like to work in. Hence, if you are sure you would not like to go towards higher studies in hardcore technology, then you may take up a job that will give you wide exposure of the corporate world, different departments and job-functions, and then you can decide which field of management suits you most, and thereby select the right management course, ensuring a good career.

Dear Sir,
I have completed my PUC and have opted for Information Science Engineering in my degree. Does it have any scope for the future? I am worried because I am receiving a lot of negative comments about this stream.

Dear Swati
Information Science Engineering is almost the same as Computer Science Engineering.  If you are interested in and oriented towards the IT industry, it will give you the same opportunities as a Computer Science graduate, provided you are studying in a reputed college and maintain steadily high grades every semester.  After finishing 4-5 semesters you could decide whether you would like to become a hardcore ‘techie’ or move into management, logistics, teaching, testing, HR, administration, project or any other field, using your engineering studies as a foundation.

Dear Sir,
I completed my B.Sc in Fashion and Apparel Design from Bangalore University. I have taken a loan for my education. I am very interested in doing my PG in a reputed college like IIM or NIFT. But I have to clear my loan before that. I am now working as a designer but I am not able to repay my loan with my poor salary.

Dear Raam,
It is heartening to see that you are ambitious and are willing to struggle hard against all odds to give yourself a good education.  Since you are already qualified as a graduate in fashion design, you can gain higher skills by working in any establishment where there are opportunities to learn different aspects of your field.  This will not only get you a higher paid job later, but will also help you to focus on what area of the apparel industry you would like to specialise in.  If you are a little patient, you will keep learning and growing, and your loan would be paid up or reduced considerably.  At that stage you will also be in a better position to get admission in a reputed institute for your post-graduate studies. Best of luck !

Dear Sir
I am in my final year of B.Com and I wish to do further studies. But I am confused about what course to choose.

Dear Anonymous,
Since you have studied Commerce for the past three years, you would be in a position to reflect and decide which area you are most passionate about and are good in. There is a wide range, from chartered accountancy to banking, insurance, teaching, taxation, stock market, marketing etc., that you can choose from.  If despite your best efforts you are not in a position to decide at all, then you may take up an entry level job in any financial institution, and perhaps continue with M.Com through distance learning or evening college.  Within two years you will be able to decide the most appropriate career and then take the next step forward.

Dear Sir,
I am interested in doing a degree in Psychology.  Can you tell me about colleges which offer B.Sc psychology?

Dear Anonymous
Psychology is taught in the degree level (mostly as part of B.A courses) as one of three subjects.  Most combinations are of social sciences such as Sociology, History, Political Science, Economics, etc., but selected colleges also offer it as a combination of Life Sciences or Home Science.  There are dozens of colleges in Bangalore and in other large cities, and admission is based on your marks in the 12th /PUC Board exams.  Subsequently, you can opt for an M.Sc in Psychology or related fields.

Dr Ali Khwaja is the founder and Chairman of Banjara Academy. Send in your queries to Education, Deccan Herald, 75 MG Road, Bangalore -560001 or mail them to

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