Artists depict rural life on canvas

Artists depict rural life on canvas

Artists depict rural life on canvas

The 35 paintings by four artists from Haveri and Dharwad districts under the theme ‘Janapada jeevagalu’ which are on display at Prasad Art Gallery, offer an insight into the rich culture, heritage and rural life in North Karnataka districts.

The artists, having their roots in villages, have elaborately portrayed the lives of villagers on the canvas, reflecting the reality.

The spot paintings by K Y Chougale from Dharwad, was an attempt to bring the farmers, women, temple fair, market activities in the villages in North Karnataka. The knife paintings by Kariappa Hanchinamane mostly depicted the well-known folk arts in North Karnataka. The paintings with dark colours successfully portrayed the colours of Northern districts.

While the paintings by Shiva Hadimani revolve around the theme of music and dance, added more life to the expo. Various dance forms like Bharatanatyam, Kathakali, playing of musical instruments like violin and guitar picturised in canvas take the art enthusiasts to a colourful world of culture.

The paintings by Kumar S Katenahalli have again brought the spirit of North Karnataka to the floor in the form of Veeragase, Jogavva, Kolata dancer etc.

Speaking at the inauguration of the exhibition, Kariyappa Hanchinamani said that as all the four artists come from rural background, quite naturally they have portrayed rural life in their paintings.

“The basic idea of organising painting exhibition in Mangalore was to provide an opportunity to art connoisseurs in Mangalore city to understand the culture of the villagers in North Karnataka.

At the same time, organising the exhibition in Mangalore, would also help us to learn the various techniques used by the artists in the coastal region which we are unaware of. To sum it up, we are here for the exchange of culture and ideas,” Kariyappa Hanchinamani  said.

Presiding over the programme, Dakshina Kannada Zilla Makkala Sahitya Sangama President Prof Ananth Padmanabh Rao said that the artists from rural background should not have inferiority complex, rather they should reflect the rural life in their art pieces.

“India has several art techniques which are hidden in our ‘desi’ culture and these techniques must be explored. It is not enough for a painting to become successful, but it should be effective too,” Rao said.

Karnataka Konkani Bhasaha Mandal President M Raghunath Shet inaugurated the function.

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