People's problems

People's problems

Auto, taxi drivers harass passengers

Passengers at Krishnarajapuram railway station are harassed by auto and taxi drivers who pester them from the elevated passage in the railway station, up to the exit. The drivers block their way even as passengers make their way through the crowd.

The passengers have to answer on average, more than a dozen drivers. With the arrival of more trains, the place becomes even more congested and the attitude of the auto drivers adds to the ire of passengers. Even a few gestures or negative words does not convey the message to drivers who continue to bother passengers.

If the situation is not brought under control, it may, at times, turn violent. IThe police are also not able to control them. They should insist that the drivers line up and take passenger.

In addition, passengers who disembark from trains at platform number 2 and 3, face difficulties in exiting the station. The exit of platform No. 4 which offers comparatively easier access to the bus stop and the taxi stand, is never used. Physically-challenged individuals and the elderly are the ones who face the most difficulties.

The number of passengers who exit from platform No 1 is comparatively less. Those with luggage cannot escape the rudeness of porters because there is no control over them by the railways, There is also no chart showing the rates for specific loads.

Jose K

Take snaps of bad roads

Traffic police have been seen capturing photographs of vehicles violating rules, even at the cost of neglecting traffic.

A suggestion for the Traffic police commissioner: the commissioner should give proper instructions to traffic policemen take photographs of bad roads, pot holes and improperly removed humps, which affect the smooth flow of traffic and send it to the Palike commissioner, the concerned corporator and the legislator, for immediate action.

There should also be a timeline set to complete such jobs. This will ensure everyone a smooth and safe drive.

Jyothi Mohan

Apply penalty rule to Bescom

The Palike has announced various penalties for non-segregation of garbage and for not disposing of waste. One of them is refuse left over from tree cutting.The owner is required to pay a specified penalty for not obeying proper waste disposal norms.

The Bescom has been cutting tree branches and leaving discarded waste strewn all over the streets. They never remove it. Will the Palike impose the same penalty on Bescom? 

On the first day of garbage segregation, a lot of tree branches were cut down along 8th Main Road of MC layout. All the cuttings were abandoned on the road. Who is going to pay the penalty?

Mohan, Central Excise
Layout, Vijayanagar

Drains clogged

For the last three months, contractors under the guidance of BWSSB executives, laid sewage line on the roads of Surabhinagar West and BGS Layout, in JP Nagar 8th Phase.  While executing the works, they dug up the asphalted and mud roads in an unsystematic manner. The excavated material was dumped in open drains on either sides of the road. Due to rains and blockage of drains, sewage water also overflows, making roads inaccessible. We request the BWSSB engineers to look into the matter.


(West) Association, No 1 and 2, Brundavan, J S Dinne, JP Nagar 8th Phase

Repair dilapidated roads

The second cross road in Gokula first stage, first phase was dug up for re-laying of sanitary pipes. The road was not restored after the completion of the work without properly filling up the dug up portion.

The dug up road is now caving in and road users are having an horrible experience. Moreover, there are three schools on this street and schoolchildren are finding it difficult to use the road. A short spell of rain adds to the misery and many children and motorcyclists have fell down. Several complaints to the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike have fallen on deaf ears.

Arunkumar H, 25, 11th Main Road, Mathikere Extension

The road from Veerannapalya towards Kanakanagar is not motorable up to the railway gate.

During the rainy season, people cannot even walk along this stretch. Palike authorities have to take immediate steps to get it repaired.

M M Abraham,
Aswath Nagar

Residents of Miller Tank Bund Road urge the Palike commissioner to visit the area in front of Jain Hospital and the Hopcoms stall, to see for himself the huge quantity of garbage being dumped there.

The wall of the Jain Hospital is a very convenient open air urinal. The main road is in a disgraceful condition, paving way for frequent accidents. All this is because Ward No 93 does not have a corporator.

The Palike is unable to repair the road due to the 12 large water pipes which have not been shifted by the BWSSB  and are lying outside the gates of the hospital. Please take action before it is too late.

Sheroo Anklesaria,
41, Miller Tank Bund Road

It has been more than a year since the Palike began the widening of Kodigehalli Main Road. The work was abruptly halted  some six months ago. The stormwater drain was completed haphazardly, making a mockery of the entire project. Electric lampposts in the widened area have not been moved.

The area in front of the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewage Board property (staff quarters) is yet to be widened.  All vehicles entering from Bellary Road towards Sahakarnagar, Vidyaranyapura, Tindlu, etc., have to necessarily pass through a narrow road which is the only link to these areas.

The buildup of traffic is a common scene at the Kodigehalli traffic junction. There are no proper facilities or guidelines to route traffic and enter Airport Road from Kodigehalli Main Road.  

Vehicle users are often caught unawares, due to loose and uneven bricks which divide the road in front of the Coca Cola factory, causing accidents. If only the authorities hasten the completion works, these problems can be solved.

K N Muralidharan,
‘Vatika,’ 1819/4, ‘C’ Block,

Prompt response from Bescom

I wish to thank and compliment the staff of Bescom for their alertness and prompt response to my letter published in this column on October 8, 2012 — regarding disconnection for non-payment. 

On the same day that the complaint appeared in the paper, a team of four people, including an Engineer, dropped in at my residence to get details of the disconnection.

They informed me that they are required to submit a report to their higher ups in the matter. They also assured me that such mistakes will not occur again.

Hats off for their prompt action.  I wish that other service providers take a leaf from this and respond to the problems of the people.

D R Prasad Gupta,
2nd Main, 7th Cross,
Indiranagar I Stage

Increase bus frequency

The BMTC should increase the frequency of 266-series or 401-series of buses plying to MS Palya. Students and commuting public are facing much difficulty due to poor frequency of these buses. Due to non-availability of buses, students are reaching colleges late.
The present frequency of buses is insufficient and the existing buses are overcrowded. A swift and positive response will be greatly appreciated. A complaint filed on the BMTC website is yet to elicit response.


Restore bus routes

The BMTC should restore bus routes 111, 112 and 114, now that two-way traffic has been restored on Nandi Durg Road, as water pipe laying work by the BWSSB has been completed. The travelling public has been inconvenienced by the existing, partial bus service on the road.

H N Srihari, 90, Nandi Durg Road Extension

Bus stop required

Before the commencement of Metro work on MG Road, all BMTC buses used to stop at the ‘B’ station bus stop on MG Road, which had one shelter. Now there are three shelters.

Even though people wait in these shelters, no buses stop here.

In fact, the restoration of the MG Road ‘B’ Station will benefit many commuters who work in nearby offices. 

M N Gururaj, Sindhu Nadhi Road, Pipeline, Srinagar

BMTC ID card unnecessary

The BMTC is issuing daily passes at Rs 45 and Rs 40 for those who possess BMTC identity cards. Many documents, including voter ID card, bank passbook, Aadhar cards, passport, PAN card etc are commonly accepted as proofs of identity. Why then, is the BMTC insisting on a separate identity card which one has to purchase by paying an additional Rs 25? The BMTC authorities must look into this request and accept any ID proof, for the purchase of a daily pass.

Nagabhushana T S

Ordeal of pass renewal

I am a domestic help staying in Raguvanahalli on Kanakapura Main Road. Everyday, I go to Basavanagudi for work — for which I earn Rs 2,300 a month. I have been buying a monthly bus pass for Rs 725. This pass has to be renewed exactly on the last day of the month or on the 1st of the month.

Failing which, the pass holder cannot renew and has to purchase a ticket each time a journey is made.

Recently there was a BMTC strike for three days. I had to share an auto with two others and shell out exorbitant fare up to Basavanagudi which was Rs 300. Neither the employer nor the BMTC comes to the rescue of such hapless domestic workers.

It would be good if the BMTC could provide an extra week when it comes to renewing the pass. The State government must provide some relief to domestic workers who are the worst sufferers.

Mahadevamma S,
 No.87, 7th Cross, Kanakapura Main Road

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