Some learning and some fun

Some learning and some fun

Some learning and some fun

IFIM Business School hosted its two-day management and cultural fest Naman 2012, which saw participation from eight colleges.

The management fest had seven different events, including HR, marketing, operations and IT-related competitions. The cultural fest included dancing, fashion, and music performances by different colleges. The fest was well-received by most of the students.

The management events were comprehensively executed. ‘Chief Financial Officer’ (CFO), one of the events, had many rounds. One of them was to explain a logo to the judge, who acted as deaf and mute.

“I really loved the CFO rounds. The entire CFO event was meticulously done. Every round offered something new to learn. The first round — ‘Icebreaker’ — made us introduce ourselves in a unique manner. In one of the rounds, we had to go to the street and conduct an awareness drive on HIV. Naman 2012 was all about learning rather than competing,” says Thakshak, a student from CMS Business School.

The HR event was very popular among the students. It demonstrated an artificial strike against a supervisor, who had committed blunders and harassed the employees. The HR manager’s task was to face the fuming employees and bring some order into the company.

Akshita Jain, a student from Jain University, feels that the fest was very good. She says, “The HR round was my favourite event. I really liked the way they brought in a real-life situation. It gave me a chance to address some angry employees. This event gave me some new insights that I will surely use in the future.”

After every round, the HR participants were comprehensively quizzed by the judges, and were also given some tips to resolve the issue better.

A student from Alliance School of Management, Muneeb, says “I love the concept of Naman 2012. I have seen a lot of management fests, but I had never seen one that also had a cultural fest. The rock music, fashion and jazz were delightful. About the management events, I think the HR round was unique. It was definitely a valuable addition to our education. I hope every college conducts such fests.”

Jain University bagged the awards for marketing and human-resources events, while Indus Business Academy won the awards for ‘CFO’ and retail. Alliance School of Business won the award for ‘Best Manager’. Operation and IT and the business quiz were won by CMS Business School. The overall award for ‘Naman 2012’ went to Indus Business Academy.