Time for some live entertainment

Time for some live entertainment

Time for some live entertainment

Bangaloreans better gear up for an evening of stand-up comedy with actor Kunaal Roy Kapur — from the movie ‘Delhi Belly’ — and playwright, screenwriter and novelist Anuvab Pal. The two men will present ‘Nothing Like Anything’ on October 19 at 7.30 pm at Alila Hotel and Residence in Whitefield and October 20 at 7.30 pm at Park Hotel on M G Road.

 The two satirists will present humour inspired by advertisement slogans, reality television, fashion and corruption. Talking about the title, Anuvab explains, “The title is the tagline of a popular cellphone advertisement. It really means nothing. Language sometimes has no meaning and like language, a lot of things in life sometimes have no meaning. The stand-up comedy is a narrative of a lot of changes that are happening around us.”

He adds, “Kunaal and I share different aspects about similar things that we see and hear around us. It’s like a bunch of stories, knit together and narrated in a different style.”

Anuvab further states that having grown up in the 1980s, his outlook towards life is different as compared to someone who’s grown up in the modern times. “In the stand-up comedy, I talk about Doordarshan, Air India, Ministry of Finance as it was in the 1980s and our obsession with the British accent those days. But today, all that seems to have changed and people are more confident about themselves and what they’re saying and doing,” observes Anuvab.

Kunaal shares similar notions about modern India. He feels that India is changing at a drastic pace, whether it is people’s lifestyle, society as a whole or the economy.
“We see a clash of cultures and the changes are occurring so fast that it has widened the disparity between urban and rural India.

There also exists a certain divide — even in urban India — which people don’t really talk about,” notes Kunaal. He points out, “If you notice, a lot of these builders try to sell a certain lifestyle to people and try to tell you how your lifestyle is supposed to be. That’s funny isn’t it?”

Ajit Saldanha, a promoter of stand-up comedy, says, “There’s a lot of demand for live entertainment in the City. And it takes some extraordinary talent to stand before a room full of strangers and strike a chord that is universally appealing.” 
The passes are priced at Rs 1,200 per person (that is inclusive of food and beverage). For details, log on to www.bookmyshow.com or call Bheem on 9845034406.