Footwear to floor you

Footwear to floor you

High-heeled fashion

If you are looking forward to buying footwear for the coming season, you may just be surprised with the variety in design and colours waiting to adorn your feet. Several brands are out with their autum-winter women’s footwear collections including boots, shoes, loafers, ballerinas and much more. In terms of colours, you can find almost every shade ready to match any of your outfits.

Executive Director of Liberty Group, Anupam Bansal tells us, “Winter footwear does not necessarily mean drab colours and old designs. Footwear for this season should be warm, comfortable, durable and yet full of life. It should be stylish and colourful and make you feel like going out.”

“Women can go in for shoes with spike heels, chunky heels, embroidered and embellished sandals. You can go for either leather or innovative non-leather material too.

Make sure it is light-weight while delivering superior flexibility, comfort and support.

These can match the lifestyle of every woman on the move – a college-goer, housewife or a professional.”

Creative director of Taramay – a luxury shoe brand, Nayantara Sood, informs us, “Since winters in India is not too cold or long (as compared to Western countries), covered flats like loafers, brogues and dandy slippers or smoking slippers go very well with women here.”

“As compared to heavy shoes, loafers are comfortable and good to wear during day-time too. Brogues were traditionally made for men but lately they are being designed for women as well, in lighter colours and fine detailing like punch and lace. Dandy slippers, which used to be home-wear, are being made in velvet, silk and other rich fabrics with embellishments.”

As regards the most popular women’s winter footwear, booties and high-heeled boots, you can now find a wider range of colours and designs. MD of Pavers England – another international shoe brand, Utsav Seth, says, “The highlight of this year’s boots collection are ankle boots with Tibetan collars, High boots with strapping detail and gentle ruffles that resemble sculpting and folds. These are adorned with ornate brooches and buttons. You can also find interesting heel variations.”

“In terms of surface design, choose from reptile skin, patchwork, appliqué or dainty embroidery and trims. Not only this, enamel and acrylic have been used to embellish toe posts. In colours, choose from burgundy, maroon, wine, blue, grey and jewel tones.” This year, your shoes could give your clothes a complex.

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