Formula E as competition for F1? Stupid, says Bernie

Formula E as competition for F1? Stupid, says Bernie

Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone today ridiculed the proposed Formula E series, which claims to be environment-friendly, calling the concept "lawn-mower" and insisting that it is "stupid" to consider it a competition to F1.

Asked how he sees the new series, which will begin from 2014 with 10 races, Ecclestone flatly rejected the very idea.

"I think those sort of things are lawn-mowers. I am not very supportive of this," Bernie Ecclestone told PTI.

FIA President Jean Todt has signed an agreement with a group of investors -- Formula E Holdings Ltd (FEH)-- to stage the Formula E series, which will have 10 teams and 20 drivers.

The Electric Prix will be different from F1 races. These races will happen in one day.
The pole position will be the result of playoffs, with cars racing against another, in a format similar to tennis or the Champions League.

And in the pit-stop, the driver will not change tyres or batteries, but the car itself.

Does Ecclestone sees a competition from Formula E in future? "That would be stupid," he said.

Alejandro Agag, the CEO of Formula E, had said that the series was a future-centric championship.

"The global demand for electric vehicles is growing all the time and we are reflecting that in the sport. This is history in the making and a chance to inspire future generations to curb carbon emissions."

"The automotive industry is currently going through a process of significant transformation that will become increasingly visible. In this transformation, the electric car will play a key role as the most practical way to achieve the goal of more efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles," Agag had said.

Agag, who already supports teams in the GP2 and GP3 series, did not want a comparison with F1.

"We don't compare ourselves to F1. We are not the electric F1, as Luca Montezzemolo said recently, we are Formula E, which is a completely different concept.

"We think F1 is great, and I myself have been part of that world, through my GP2 Team (feeder series to F1) for many years. You cannot compare Skiing and Snowboard. I can guarantee you something, we will be the fastest and most exciting Electric Car Championship in the world," he had stated.

The Formula E races will last about an hour in total and each driver will have two cars. The cars will have a charge lasting around 25 minutes, so there will be a change whilst the first car is re-charged and then another change to the original car for the last part of the race.

The cars will be single seaters, able to reach speeds of over 200km per hour.

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