Lines depict a strong cause

Lines depict a strong cause

Poster Display

Being sensitive to one’s surroundings is an important part of every student’s life. Many colleges in the City hold a variety of fests and competitions, with the aim of making students more aware of certain issues.

Enthusiastic: Spandana, Nayana and Monisha.

Recently, M S Ramaiah College of Arts and Science took forward this tradition, by holding a poster-presentation competition.

It was meant for the postgraduate students to celebrate Water Conservation Day on campus.

The students were enthusiastic and excited to present their posters. One of the MBA second-year students, Kumar Unkit from Meghalaya, says, “Being from the Garo Hills of Meghalaya, we are generally very careful when it comes to conserving water. In my poster, I have showcased how this is done back home.

There, having a water roof has been made mandatory. Though the state is rich in rainfall, it lacks potable water — so rainwater is collected, filtered and used. This has also helped in cultivation.”

Reshma and Roopini, second-year students of MSc biochemistry, showed the different means of water conservation –– rainwater harvesting, modern agricultural practices, minimisation of water wastage, sewage treatments and recycling –– in their posters.

Many took examples of how water is being conserved in the City and presented that in their posters. Spandana, Nayana and Monisha, second-year MSc microbiology students, were impressed by the manner in which water conservation is carried out at Lalbagh Botanical Gardens. “They treat sewage water and use it for gardening. We have represented that in our poster,” they add.

Mousmi and Uzma Nazneen portrayed the concept of large-scale restoration of rainwater in the North-Eastern regions of India. Chhaya and Deepa, from the microbiology department, stated the ‘3R’ principle — ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ water.

“This activity has really helped us learn and be aware of the different ways of preserving water. It is such an important element in our life and hopefully, through this, people will get inspired and start doing something about the issue,” says Mousmi.

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