A Spanish treat for Citizens

A Spanish treat for Citizens


A Spanish treat for Citizens

The pictures are old but they still hold a special place and are definitely worth the proverbial 1000 words.

These photographs are exclusive as they showcase official visits of the Spanish Royals to India and reflect a deep bond between the two nations. Organised by the embassy of Spain the exhibition which began on October 26 will last a month.

‘The Spanish Royal Family in India’ documents three visits of the Spanish Royal Family during the last 40 years. The first visit in 1974, when King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia were ‘Asturias Princes’, the second in 1982 when they were already monarchs and in 2009, the current ‘Asturias Princes’, Prince Felipe and Princess Letiza.

The exhibition is a compilation of the meetings between the royal family and Indian personalities like the late Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, daughter-in-laws Maneka and Sonia and Dr Manmohan Singh.

EFE, the news agency where these pictures were sourced from, Alberto Masegosa, Bureau Chief of the agency for India and South Asia, explained the significance of the pictures. “These pictures symbolises the friendship between India and Spain.

Through these pictures we want to grow the commercial and economical ties with India. As you know that Spain is going through a major crisis, so this is a way to open up the market, enterprise and companies so that we get investors.

According to Gustavo De Aristegui, Ambassador of Spain to India also mentioned that since, “India has recently established itself as a leader on the global scene, this fact will place India in a privileged position on the roads towards 22nd century. It is Spain’s wish to go hand-in-hand with India for a promising future.”