Google tips help woman kill fiance

Google tips help woman kill fiance

Google tips help woman kill fiance

An MSc graduate, who allegedly poisoned and stabbed to death her software engineer fiance landed in the police net.

Saumya, 24, a Psychology student from Surana College and daughter of a reputed industrialist in Peenya, googled information on ways to kill people before she found one to bump off Nitish, police said. They have arrested her and an acquaintance of hers, Parshwanath Malagatti from Hindwadi in Belgaum City.

According to police, Saumya met Nitish, 27, an Accenture staffer and a resident of Rajajinagar, on Facebook two years ago. They became close friends and decided to marry. Families of both approved the alliance and they were engaged a year ago.

The relationship began floundering after Saumya spotted Nitish being friendly with other girls. She would not believe Nitish’s defence that the girls were just friends. The relationship soured, but both met occasionally, added the police.

Soon, Saumya happened to meet Malagatti, an unemployed youth, and they became friends.

But Saumya’s bitterness over what she saw as Nitish’s two-timing her, would not go away, and she decided to murder him. She browsed the net for information on ways to kill people. Finally, she decided on poisoning - by making Nitish consume a soft drink laced with ammonium sulphate. At her instance, Malagatti brought the lethal chemical from Belgaum.

On October 21, Saumya persuaded Nitish to go along with her to a desolate spot at Shilindra Doddi near Bannerghatta. She got onto his two-wheeler at Konankunte cross. At the isolated spot, an unsuspecting Nitish quaffed the soft drink laced with the chemical.

Within minutes he complained of burning sensation inside his chest, but Saumya told him that it was temporary.

As Nitish grew weaker, Saumya kept sending a series of SMSes to Malagatti who arrived soon. Saumya blindfolded Nitish and stabbed him repeatedly. As a heavily bleeding Nitish fell dead, Saumya and Malagatti fled from the spot.

Recovering the body next day, the police identified it as that of Nitish. They got details of mobile calls made in the area, which led them to Saumya. Taken into custody and interrogated, she admitted she and Malagatti were guilty of the murder.  Based on information from her, they arrested Malagatti. They were produced before the court and were remanded in judicial custody.