Expect only cosmetic changes on City roads

Cold mix technology to help fix potholes; repair of damaged roads to take longer
Last Updated 04 November 2012, 19:32 IST

The Palike has launched a pilot project to address the City’s pothole menace, using cold mix technology at the Basaveshwara Circle. But that can only bring about cosmetic changes, given that the project cannot help restore roads whose surface has worn out.

The expired defect liability period for contractors and the incessant rains have turned the City’s roads from bad to worse over the past one month.

“People will have to wait for at least two months for fresh tenders to be floated for the relaying of these roads,” said a Palike official.

Introduced by Ladwa Safety Solutions, the cold mix technology, called Shelmac PR, is claimed to be an all-weather pothole repair solution. The Palike has reserved a fund of Rs 50 lakh to fill potholes using the latest technology.

With garbage piling up, most arterial and sub-arterial roads in Shivajinagar, Seshadripuram, Nandi Durga Road, Mekhri Circle and Palace Cross Roads have become absolutely non-commutable.

However, BBMP officials are confident that the pothole problems will be overcome in the next one month. A mix of technology with transparency is claimed to be the immediate solution.

“We already have prepared a Geographic Information System-based database of all the potholes. The engineers will provide a picture of the repaired potholes to be posted on our website.

 The system is likely to mitigate the problems,” said BBMP Commissioner Rajneesh Goel. The Palike has given the responsibility of filling the potholes to two companies which specialise in cold tar technology.

Close to the Shivajinagar bus depot, commuters complained of potholes that are four to five feet wide. The potholes have made riding on these roads longer and more strenuous. 

“The buses usually slow down to take a turn towards the depot. Because of the huge craters, the buses take a much longer time to get inside, blocking the road in the process.

This leads to a chock-o-block at the junction,”said D G Vijaykumar, a traffic constable at the bus depot junction. When it rains, the situation worsens as the streets get completely inundated and the potholes go unseen, making it difficult for drivers to negotiate them, he said.

On Colonel Hill Road in Shivajinagar, the roads have become a nightmare for vehicles. Lakshmi, a resident, said, “The potholes are causing a serious problem. We have not seen any improvement over the past year,”she said.

 Despite residents approaching the BBMP,  no action has been taken yet. They believe that  the Palike is least bothered about the problems and needs to do something before things really get out of hand.

(Published 04 November 2012, 19:30 IST)

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