TN roosters to fight in DK, Udupi

TN roosters to fight in DK, Udupi

TN roosters to fight in DK, Udupi

With the coastal district facing acute shortage of fighter rooster to take part in cock fights, one of the popular folk game in the coast, the roosters are brought from Erode in Tamil Nadu.

The sellers from Tamil Nadu come to Udupi and Dakshina Kannada every week to sell cocks.
The ‘naati’ rooster are rare in the coastal district.

There is a great demand for ‘naati’ chicken for religious rituals and for cock fights. Fighter cocks from Erode are also supplied to cock fight in Mumbai. The rooster from Erode with black leg and black eyes are in great demand, says a villager.

The demand here is so huge that, the roosters which are brought are sold within two or three days, said Thambi, a seller.

Harish Bantakal said “the roosters from Erode fight back even after gettinng injured in the fight. Hence, there is a great demand for the fighter roosters from Erode.”  

Rs one lakh
Normally priority is given for the best roosters to fight in the ‘Kori katta’. As a result, the roosters fetch between Rs 1,000 to Rs one lakh, depending on their ability to fight back in the game.

Thambi from Erode said, “I have been getting 100 to 200 roosters every week, for the last six years. The roosters are sold within no time.” The price for the roosters are fixed depending on the colour and variety.

Some of the names of the breed of roosters are ‘fighter,’ ‘Arefighter,’ ‘Kempuriye,’ ‘Maype,’ ‘Peradinge,’ ‘Neelamype,’ ‘Kemmara mype,’ ‘Sambrani mype’ ‘Korunge,’ ‘Kaal korunge,’ ‘Panchavani,’ ‘Kappu Panchavani,’ ‘Kempu panchavani,’ ‘Manjole,’ ‘Kave manjole,’ ‘Kave,’ ‘Kappu kadle,’ ‘Kappu kemmaire,’ ‘Tamra mype’ and so on.