Rediscovering the goodness of neem

Rediscovering the goodness of neem

Rediscovering the goodness of neem

For years the neem has been used by people of all age groups to keep different ailments at bay. It is due to this healing property of the neem, that various brands have introduced Neem soaps, face washes and toothpastes.

Though these products have been available in the market since years use of the real neem leaves and tree bark has its own benefits.

Doctors suggest direct use of neem which can be a useful preventive measure. Whe­t­her you use neem to cure acne, pimples or to get rid of dental problems, neem is the one stop solution for every problem “Neem essentially has been an important medicine in Ayurveda. Through years neem has been used to cure skin diseases, insect’s bites or poisoning, diabetes, to heal wounds and blisters. Due to its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties it is also used to kill intestinal worms and correct eye disorders,” says dietician and nutritionist, Upasana Singh.

Calling it as an important medicine to cure diabetes, Upasana says, “Neem juice or direct consumption of leaves is useful for those suffering from diabetes. Those who find difficult to extract juice from the leaves can chew 10-12 leaves daily. However, it is advisable to seek advice from the doctor before taking neem as it can bring down sugar levels below normal.”

“It is also used to treat hyper-tension. Results are fruitful when high blood pressure patients are treated with the neem juice twice in a day. There are no side-effects. Since it cannot be directly used in any food item, it is suggested to chew it directly or to consume its extract,” she says.

Along with this, dermatologists say neem is an easy way to treat scalp problems and hair loss. Rinse hair with the extract of the boiled neem leaves to treat an itchy scalp, hairfall as well as dandruff.

Besides, massage hair with neem oil to enhance blood circulation and to promote hair growth.  For those facing problems due to oily skin, neem can be an efficient means to exfoliate skin. Owing to its anti-septic properties it soothes itchy and dry skin also.

It is the medicinal properties of neem and its easy availability that makes it an essential item to keep distance from diseases. But all it requires is some extra effort.