Painting clouds on canvas is his passion

Nature has enchanted many artists with its beauty and has inspired them to create masterpieces on canvas.

KCCI President Mohammed Amin inaugurates art expo 'Reality becomes abstract' at Orchid Art Gallery in Mangalore.

One such artist is Ravi M R Wagle who was charmed by the brilliant hues displayed by the clouds during different times of day.

Wagle began researching on how the clouds are formed, its texture, its shape, its height and its result was 'Reality becomes abstract,' a creative art expo displayed at Orchid Art Gallery.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Wagle says that he has painted 24 paintings under this series. “I relate clouds to man, nature to woman. When both meet, there is rain which I consider as offspring,” says the artist.

“I was enchanted with clouds since childhood. When I was young, people in my village used to go to hunt when the sky displayed a bright red colour.

They used to tell me that animals are enchanted with the bright sky and are not alert, hence it was the best time to hunt. Since then, I knew that clouds perform different functions to maintain the equilibrium of the earth. I started observing clouds intently and my love for nature grew day by day,” says Wagle.

“I have researched a lot on clouds. They have different names such as cumulus, strato cumulus, cirrocumulus, cumulonimbus which are formed at different heights above the mean sea level. I started interpreting these clouds and tried to recreate my ideas on canvas,” he says.

Wagle uses unique techniques to create his paintings. “I rarely use brush. I just spread colours using thread, cloth, net and other items. It takes two days to create a painting, however it needs at-least a week's pre planning,” he adds.

Most of Wagle's paintings are acrylic on canvas. He uses nature and sky colours such as blue, orange, yellow, green and brown.

“Through my observations, I have realised that we cannot see the clean clouds which was visible a few years ago. This is a result of pollution. Whenever it rains, we could see thick black clouds. These too seem to be extinct. It hardly rains. This is a result when man tries to interfere with nature,” he says.

Speaking about his life, Wagle reveals that he was always interested in art. “I was not bright in studies. My family wanted me to be ready to face the competitive world and hence used to force me to study.

However, my notebooks were filled with designs as home work. My decision to take up art full time was risky and my family was not happy initially. However, after they saw my art work at expos, they accepted my love for art,” he says and adds that every child needs to be given freedom to chose the field it likes.

“All may not be bright in studies, but everyone has some or the other talent. All they need an opportunity,” he concludes.

About the artist

Ravi M R Wagle was born in Sullia. He completed his five year Diploma Course with specilisation in painting at Mahalasa College of Art, Bangalore.

He completed B F A (Painting) at Srujana College of Fine Art in Dharwad. Wagle has won the “Copper Medal-2004” Varika -2004, organised by Manav Sanket Academy at Ujjain.

He has participated in several group shows. He has displayed his paintings under series “Dhwani' at a solo art show at Udupi Art Gallery.

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