Best of luck

Not only do we wish good luck, but also we do it as a  mere formality.

We use this phrase a great many times when wishing our people, our friends and others when they are about to appear for an exam or go on a journey or take up a new job.  I wonder why we say best of luck. Does it not mean that we wish them help from luck instead of wishing them success? When do we take recourse to luck? When we have done all that we could and then having nothing else to rely on, leave the matter to luck. Isn’t it so?

What is luck? Luck means fortune, destiny, fate, karma, chance and so on. All these aspects of luck have little to do with the actual factors that are necessary to gain name and fame in life. Such factors which are required for success, achievement and greatness are hard work, proper preparation, study, training and practical experience.
What do we really need for success, happiness and a good life?  Luck or hard work? If it is true that we need hard work and proper preparation then should we not wish success, Godspeed, triumph, attainment and victory?

Not only do we wish good luck or best of luck but also we do it mechanically as a mere formality. Suppose a person is going to take her exam, then there is no need to wish her luck at all. In fact there is no need to wish her anything but since we wish to show our concern we can wish her success.

We can say, “Sadhana let your sadhana bring you victory” In this way we should be able to wish different indicators of success to different persons.

One more point. Should we wish all the friends going in for various achievements by the same wish namely, good luck? Should we not think of different attainments like victory, achievement and the like? 

If we have a friend or nephew who is a very hard working person we can wish him first rank? In short we must think deeply and wish the right goal to the right person instead of wishing the same old stuff ‘Best of Luck’ Our idea of wishing success to a candidate should be a well-thought out process and not mere formality.

True, if someone says, “I have to go for the final exam today. I haven’t prepared anything. I spent all the study holidays in watching the IPL matches.” Here, of course, is the right person to receive our wishes for good luck.

Of course another person who can do with our good wishes for best of luck is one who, having spent the midnight oil without any rest or restraint, now finds himself at sea!

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