No UGC funds for errant institutes

No UGC funds for errant institutes

Implement academic reforms to get grants

No UGC funds for errant institutes

The University Grants Commission (UGC) is contemplating discontinuing central funding from the 12th Five Year Plan to universities and colleges which have failed to implement the academic and administrative reforms recommended by it.

Such institutions will not get the mandatory accreditation which has been proposed for all higher educational institutions in the country under the National Accreditation Regulatory Authority for Higher Educational Institutions Bill, 2010, pending in Parliament.

In a bid to promote quality and excellence in higher education, the Commission had prepared an action plan for academic and administrative reforms about three years ago, which mainly sought introduction of semester system, choice-based credit system, curriculum development and examination reforms in universities and colleges.

It came up with a model curricula to guide universities in ensuring periodic revision of their syllabi and courses, mandating that the curricula be revised at least once every three years keeping in mind the job market dynamics and also to keep it in tune with advances in research and development.

Suggestions were also made for bringing in transparent admission procedures and reforms in examination system. Institutions were asked to evolve appropriate pedagogical processes for effective transaction of instructional materials.

The examination reforms provided for introduction of semester system, continuous and comprehensive internal assessment, choice-based credit system and mobility of students through effective mechanism of credit transfer across institutions of higher education.
According to the Commission, these reforms were necessary to promote quality education. The action plan was to be implemented within two years.

“But large number of institutions have not done it. We are considering linking the implementation of the action plan on academic and administrative reforms by the institutions with accreditation and UGC funding from twelfth five year plan,” official sources in the commission said.  

The Commission has asked all the institutions affiliated to it to implement the action plan without any further delay and to inform it of the status by November 13, sources added.