Hi-fashion, Kitchen hair-styles!

Hi-fashion, Kitchen hair-styles!

We’ve discovered FUNKY hairstyles can start off here, right out of the potato bag, for instance. You know….those stretched net bags that potatoes, onions and tomatoes are knotted into, in supermarkets? Well, empty out the veggies, cut off about half the length from the open end of the bag (2) and stretch the remaining half over a slightly big globe as shown in the drawing (3).

Now choose wool in a suitably shocking colour like blue, mithai pink or orange for your ‘hair’. Cut up the wool into the length of hair you want. Avoid very long hair, because you could get into a mess with all the knots. Stick to about 4-inch length ‘hair’…which means you cut the wool into 8-inch lengths. Double each length of 8-inch wool around one loop of the net cap and knot it (4). Gradually, you will cover the whole net. Remove this odd-coloured wig from the globe and wear it!

Your friends will love your punk look!

That’s not all! If blue wasn’t exciting enough, how about green? So back to the kitchen we go. This time, it’s for the long beans! And another netted veggie bag stretched over the globe (did you ever dream that your geography equipment would play so important a role in punk-wig-making?). Using a thread and needle, pass the needle through the tip of each bean (after knotting one end of the thread) and then around the loops of the net bag. As with the blue wool, keep threading the beans, and then passing your needle around the loops of the net, till the whole bag is covered.  

Now remove the bean wig from the globe, stretch it onto your head and walk down your street! You’ll stop traffic! After which, the beans can be ripped off the wig, washed well and cut up to be tossed into Mama’s sambhar!