Carton to cook eggs without boiling water

Carton to cook eggs without boiling water

Carton to cook eggs without boiling water

 Researchers have invented a unique cardboard box that cooks raw eggs inside it without the need to boil them in water.

The packaging contains a chemical layer which, when triggered, generates heat and cooks the raw egg in just two minutes - half the time it takes in water.

The “Gogol Mogol”, named after a Russian egg dish, was created by a Russian team of inventors known as KIAN, and designed by Evgeny Morgalev, the Daily Mail reported.

The outer layer is made from the sort of paperboard traditionally used to make egg boxes. Beneath this there are three more layers. One is infused with calcium hydroxide and other chemicals, and the other is a ‘smart layer’ containing water.

Between these two inner layers is a membrane which is removed by pulling a cardboard tab. Once this is taken out, the calcium hydroxide reacts with the water in the smart layer to generate enough heat to cook the egg inside.

The technology has been used in the past to create self-heating cans of sausages and beans. This is the first time that designers have been able to apply the chemical heat generation, known as an exothermic reaction, to an egg. Although the egg is cooked after just two minutes, the heating process inside the packaging will continue for up to three minutes.

Depending on when they decide to twist off the cardboard cap, users can go for a runny or hard-boiled yolk.