'I've picked up a couple of unusual moves'

If a film has a title that reads ‘Any Body Can Dance’ (ABCD) and Prabhu Deva is its director, the least one can expect is a dance riot.

Prabhu Deva

Well, Prabhu is certain not to fail his fans — the dance wonder has taken this movie to the third dimension.

Prabhu, who just returned after a holiday in London, confirms with Metrolife that ‘ABCD’ has roped in some of the best dancers and crew from across the globe.

“The entire camera crew is from Australia. None of the technology used has been sourced locally. The cast comprises dancers from different genres, including Lauran from the reality show ‘So You Think You Can Dance.’ In fact, more than teaching the young dancers, I think I’ve picked up a couple of unusual moves from them. We’ve shared a lot of new styles,” Prabhu shares.

Prabhu hasn’t just directed but also acted in ‘ABCD’, which is choreographed by Remo D’Souza.

Prabhu adds, “It features various dance styles, in addition to my own inputs. We largely stuck to what the choreographer said.” Prabhu feels that there are some amazing dancers in this generation and since he also firmly believes that ‘style makes a man’, he loses no chance to innovate, experiment, mix and match moves of different schools of dance.

 He notes, “New songs, new beats and new steps —  these are some of the things that dancers do to reinvent themselves from time to time.”

Talking more about the film, Prabhu explains that the subject is all about dance and achieving success in the world of dance.

 “I play a guide in the movie, who pushes and inspires young dancers to get to the top. We danced on and off the sets too and I think I’ve had an overdose of dance. But, I’ve loved every moment of working in this film,” he observes.

He feels that young people will relate to this movie pretty well. “There are no big stars in the film. There are nine songs, no romantic scenes and for a change, there will be very little fighting as well,” he avers.

Prabhu rubbishes rumours that Madhuri Dixit will shake a leg with him in the film. “No, she (Madhuri) has never been approached to act in the film,” he clarifies. 

Prabhu will soon start working with Shahid Kapoor for his next project. After this, he is all set to direct Ajay Devgan and Salman Khan. “They’re both wonderful people. I am looking forward to working with them,” he sums up.

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