'Most B'lore lawyers involved in flesh trade'

 A majority of the lawyers in Bangalore are involved in prostitution, according to High Court judge Justice B V Pinto.

Addressing newly recruited judges at a workshop on “ Harassment of Neglected Women: Law and Social Perspectiveness,” here on Saturday, Justice Pinto said he had his experience as evidence to substantiate his grave allegation against the advocate fraternity.

Recalling an incident during his days prior to becoming a judge, Justice Pinto said a lawyer had approached him with a proposal to ‘purchase’ a girl for Rs 50,000 for ‘business.’

The judge said, it could also be the reason for advocates opting for cash surety against bail for persons accused in flesh trade cases. “The perpetrators behind the racket waiting outside the courts are ready to pay the surety in thousands, and auction them again for a bigger sum,” the judge said.

The judge said during his days as a public prosecutor, a woman who came to meet him had said: “You tell me the price of other officers and it will be separate for you.”

Justice Pinto said the woman had not told him about the business in particular and when questioned, she shot back: “Haven’t you understood yet?”

The judge said during his 12-years practise as criminal lawyer in Mangalore, he had an offer to be a ‘protective person for a prostitutes’ den.’

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