Former legislator supports ban

Former legislator supports ban

He said, sand mining was a matter of public concern. It required the support of all the associations and organisations and co-operation of all the political parties on this issue. The protest could have been even more effective had all of them joined their hands in the protest, Shriramareddy added.

He disclosed this at press conference held here on Friday. The MLA said, the sand deposits not only helped in the conservation of the underground water, but also, it helped as a natural instrument in avoiding the water being converted into vapour.
It was most unfortunate to note that sand mining was being undertaken on a large scale business. This had not only contributed for the depletion of groundwater levels in the district, but was also leading to the imbalance in the nature. The  BJP government is turning a blind eye to the problem,he added.

On verge of danger

Due to lack of stringent rules and regulations to contain sand mining, most of the rivers and streams in the district were losing their sand deposits. They were on the verge of danger with most of them completely losing their sand deposits, he said.
The nature and greenery around the river and its surrounding areas were under threat. Hundreds of lorries carrying sand were being transported regularly, leading to the damages of roads. Huge crates and potholes mark the roads, leading to difficulty in vehicular movement. The repair of these roads will itself cost crores of rupees. Inspite of all this, and also being a threat to the nature, sand mining was going on unabated, the leader expressed.

Taking all these factors into consideration, it was a positive step that all the MLAs of the district had come together and were fighting for the cause. The CPM was ready to extend all its support. Had the matter was discussed earlier, the CPM would also have joined the dharna. Yet, the party was ready to support the cause, he added.