MLC irks chairperson

 Legislative Council Chairperson D H Shankaramurthy on Wednesday, irked by JD(S) member Marithibbegowda’s refusal to oblige his directive, asked the watch and ward staff to escort the legislator out of the House.

During zero hour in the Council, the legislator raised a question pertaining to the Education department, but the chairperson asked him to be seated.
Shankaramurthy said that the minister concerned had already furnished a reply to the same.

Marithibbegowda insisted that the chairperson should allow him to speak.
After repeatedly asking the member to be seated, Shankaramurthy rose from his chair. But, Marithibbegowda continued to speak. An irate Shankaramurthy ordered the marshals to lead the member out of the House.

But, before the marshals neared him, the member threw the papers and walked out.

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