Tourist turns crusader for Hampi's stray horse

Tourist turns crusader for Hampi's stray horse

Tourist turns crusader for Hampi's stray horse

Horses are arguably among man’s best friends for he has domesticated them for ages and they have served him in immense ways. But, man has been found wanting in the care of these beasts of prowess when they age or suffer from ailments.

Yvonne Moran, an Irish tourist, found out this harsh truth during a recent visit to Hampi and is doing what local animal rights activists are supposed to.

One of the stray horses there has broken its front right limb, just above the hoof and is in deep agony. The authorities concerned are least bothered about treating the horse.
The least they can do is euthanise the animal to end its pain, says Moran, a 56-year-old travel journalist, who visited the Deccan Herald office in the city on Thursday.

Moran said: “The horse was in a pitiable state when I visited Hampi on December 1. It can’t even stand straight. The wound is infested with worms. A man was beating the animal when I saw it from a distance.”

“I thought only death could bail it out of the pain. However, it’s not that easy as I had to speak to the authorities first,” said Moran. When she enquired with the local residents about the owner of the animal, they claimed innocence. Not willing to give it up, she lodged a complaint with the local police on December 2.

Moran said Inspector Shiva Reddy came to the spot to check the condition of the animal. But it didn’t take much time for him to claim helplessness as he passed the buck to the local municipal office. She brought the matter to the notice of the municipal authorities.
But nothing happened, except that two veterinarians visited the animal. One of them, Dr Bene, promised to do something, but that remains a promise.

Moran tried to trace the owner of the horse, so that she could convince him to allow it to be killed. Soon a man came, claiming to be the owner, but she was not ready to believe him.

Moran, in her complaint to the police, wants the owner of the horse to be booked for not taking care of it. It’s already 12 days, but the horse continues to suffer, she said.
According to Indian law, the local body has every right to euthanise the animal, she added. Moran only hopes her efforts will finally end the horse’s pain by way of mercy killing.