Girls misbehaved with me in 'Bigg Boss': Jaya Sawant

Girls misbehaved with me in 'Bigg Boss': Jaya Sawant

In Big Boss Season 3

"The girls didn't behave well with me at all. They used to talk in English in front of me despite knowing that I don't understand the language and then used to make fun of me and laugh at me, I didn't like it at all,” Jaya, who was the first to make an exit from the third season of “Bigg Boss” on Friday, told IANS over telephone from Mumbai.

She was quick to point out two incidents when the women, especially Shamita Shetty, Tanaaz Currim, Poonam Dhillon and Aditi Govitrikar sniggered at her and disrespected her on the show, where she was locked up with 12 celebrity participants.

"Once I had to ask the audience to vote for me. So Vindu (Vindu Dara Singh) told me I should sit in front of the camera and ask for votes in Marathi. And when I did so, these girls just started laughing. Later, they said that it seemed like I was chanting - 'Bhaaji lelo, bhaaji lelo' (Buy vegetables). That time I started crying,” Jaya said.

Jaya, who worked as a nurse earlier, says she specifically faced a problem with actress Tanaaz Currim.

"On one of the days when we were all having food, Tanaaz asked everyone if anyone wanted a chapati. I said 'I want two'. She gave me one and then when I went and asked her for another one, she shouted at me and asked me to go and sit at the dining table. She then gave the chapati to her husband (Bakhtiyaar Irani). I felt very hurt,” she mainained.

However, Jaya said the males in the "Bigg Boss" house were extremely sensitive to her needs and addressed her as "Mummy".

"Rohit (Verma) always helped me and spoke to me like a son and so did Vindu. They took care of all my needs. But the girls were too much,” she said and added that the women didn't even leave warm water for her to take a bath.

She is also upset that she couldn't completely achieve her aim behind participating in the show - convincing her daughter Rakhi to reconcile with her.

"I came on the show for Rakhi - so that she forgets all differences and comes back to me. I don't even know why she stopped talking to me. But I will keep trying as long as I can. Rest, I can only wish the best for my daughter.

"I hope Jesus blesses her with whatever she needs in life,” she added.

Jaya was the only non-celebrity contestant on the show, where she didn't fail to hold back her melodramatic ways. She shed tears, danced and sang, much to the amusement of the other house members.

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