Corpns at mercy of city govt: BJP

Ruling party failed to waive off MCDs loss of Rs 1,253 cr, says opposition

Government is trying to cripple the three corporations run by BJP. It tried to impose burden of loan on the three corporations from the very first day of its establishment.

“The chief minister had promised to strengthen the MCDs financially and enhance man power but nothing has been done,” alleged Gupta on Saturday.

He said this a day after a meeting of the corporations where it was decided that there would be uniformity in the

The BJP on Saturday announced that neither any new tax nor any additional burden of any existing tax will be imposed on the people of Delhi in the budget for the financial year 2012-13.

The citizens who pay house taxes of less than Rs 5,000 will be given additional concession of 2 per cent in the new financial year. The decision was taken in a meeting of the chairmen of Standing Committees of all the three corporations and leaders of the houses held on Friday to finalise the budget proposals for next year.

“BJP is committed for the uniform and all round development of Delhi. Uniformity will be brought in the taxes on the people,” said Delhi BJP president Vijendra Gupta. He said the Congress government in Delhi had promised a lot of things when the MCD was trifurcated failed to fulfill them after it lost the elections.

Attacking the Congress-led government he said when the unit area method of house tax was introduced the government had said that if there is any shortcoming in the tax collection then it would compensate the Corporations, but at the start itself MCDs incurred a loss of 1,253 crore rupees and government failed to waive off the amount.

The government has also reduced the grant in education head he said.

He alleged that at the time of implementing sixth pay commission, government had promised that assigned tax 5.5 per cent will be given in the education head of the corporation but now only 4 per cent of the amount is being given. BJP wants the amount to be paid at the rate of 5.5 per cent.

“Government had formed a finance commission under the 74th Amendment of the Constitution, so that the financial condition of the three corporations may be strengthened.  However the recommendations of the commission have not been implemented,” said Gupta.

Grant given to the MCDs for development in unauthorised regular colonies, villages, urban villages has also been stopped.

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