Getting to know the place

Outside Perspective

It takes a lot of courage to adapt to the culture and way of life of a different country. But this is exactly what Eric La Vertu, the consul of France in the City, has managed. He has been here for merely two months but he’s very happy to be in Bangalore.

“I’ve not really had a chance to acquaint myself with the culture of the City, since I came here a couple of months back. I will try my best to get to know the City well, when my schedule lets me,” says Eric.

Ask him what he thought of the City before he came here and pat comes the reply — “Bangalore is well-known to everyone in France and all across the world for its information technology industry.” He adds with a smile, “The weather here is so good and it’s nice to be in such a welcoming city. The City is expanding and ever-growing; this is a time of transition for Bangalore.”

Talking about his experience in India, Eric says, “I was posted in Pakistan during the 90s and I got a chance to explore places in India like Punjab, Jaipur, Agra, Delhi and Manali back then. I travelled by car from Pakistan to India. India is a very different and large country with several provinces, and it’s really hard to know the whole country.”

So what does Eric do when he is not working? He says with a smile, “I engage with art and attend social events when I’m in the City and not caught up with work.”

“France has always had a connection with India. There are cultural ties which date back to the 18th century. And nowadays, there are the information technology tie-ups with Bangalore, like the one with HAL,” Eric adds.

There are loads of young French businessmen, who are exploring their talents in Bangalore. “I’ve heard that there are very authentic French cuisine offerings here in the City. I’m sure it is one of the best venues for young talents to explore themselves,” says Eric. The essence of any country lies in its food, he feels.

“I’m aware of the tastes here and I got a chance to explore authentic Hyderabadi biryani while I was in Hyderabad — but haven’t got a chance to explore the food here,” he adds. Ask him about the upcoming activities and he says with an smile, “The City will surely gets its share of French art and culture with the upcoming ‘Bonjour India’ festival.”

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