A healthy option for food lovers

If you feel like treating yourself to delicious yet healthy food that won’t put the calories at all the wrong places, Mr Soup & Mrs Salad is worth giving a try. Located on Castle Street and started nearly a year ago, the ‘health dining café’ offers a wide range of soups, salads, wraps, pastas, beverages and of course, desserts to choose from.

Garden fresh veg salad.“It was started by two people who spent six to eight months doing the research, planning the menu and training people. My friend and I were their customers and we liked the concept and saw a lot of potential in it. So, we spoke to them, invested and are now on board,” says Arjun Goutham, one of the owners.

He adds, “The salads, soups and sandwiches are the fastest moving items among our customers, who are mostly professionals, youngsters and families. What works for us is the fact that people come here knowing it’s a better option than binging on something unhealthy for a meal.”

The place gives exactly that – when you walk in, you immediately notice how well maintained it is and can’t seem to resist the aroma of the food. It’s quite an informal set up and one can stroll by the live counter to see the food being made while sipping on a muskmelon smoothie or the popular live mint cooler.

There is a lot of innovation when it comes to the menu, which can be a little confusing at first. But reading the description should be enough, for these give exactly what they offer. In soups, one can get a wide range of options – from the traditional tomato basil to chicken minestrone. The common salads like Russian, egg mayo or Mexican bean are available, as are the more interesting ‘nachos avocado’ or ‘Vietnamese chicken’ salads. For a heavier meal, one can order a portion of the authentic pasta in different sauces or a well-prepared panini. To complete the meal, the recommended desserts are the ‘Mississipi mud cookie salad’ or the layered fruit sundae.

The one thing that really works in their favour is the presentation of every item ordered – from the coffee froth looking like webs to the chilli flakes sprinkled on the soup.

A meal for two comes up to Rs 200, which is well worth an eating experience considering both the quantity and quality of food. Call 40999165 for home delivery.

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