Oberoi wins One-Day Event

Oberoi wins One-Day Event

Junior Nationals

Oberoi wins One-Day Event

Adam Oberoi of Embassy International Riding School (EIRS), piloting Landtos, claimed his maiden One-Day Event in the Junior National Equestrian Championship (JNEC) that concluded simultaneously with the Bangalore Horse Show (BHS) at the Agram grounds here on Sunday.

The 20-year-old won the title with a penalty of 46.80 which he accrued in the Dressage event. The Mumbai-born, Bangalore-raised rider cleared the other two disciplines, Cross-Country jumping and Show jumping, that comprise the One-Day event, without any penalties.

Oberoi, who graduated from the University of Buckingham this year, was thrilled with his performance and attributed the success to Jithu Virwani of the Embassy group and his coaches Major J S Ahluwalia and Ajay Appachu.

“Both my coaches have been very helpful and ofcourse Mr Virwani is the main reason am here. He is more like a father to me and has sponsored my riding expenses,’’ the beaming Oberoi said.

On winning the One-Day Event for the first time, Oberoi felt it would help him discover another aspect of riding. “This is a completely new event for me, but it feels good to have won as I feel it opens up new opportunities. It’s a good start,’’ he added.

Oberoi was followed in the second position by Equestrian Centre for Excellence’s (ECE/HH) Fouad Mirza, astride Columbus, who finished with a penalty of 51.21. Mirza’s team-mate Maryk Sahney, atop Dubcaisil, bagged the third place after a penalty of 52.11 in the three disciplines.

Major Amit Sinsinwar of ASC Centre & College, mounted on Gazal, capped the championship with his fifth title in the popular BHS Open Six Bar event clearing the vertical bar at 165 cm in the fifth round. The height of the bar which was at 120 cm and 17 riders to start with was elevated to 130 in the second, 145 in the third and 155 at fourth.

Sinsinwar was the only rider able to go past the fence of 165 cm with the rest either dropping the fence or faced a refusal from the horse resulting in elimination.
Three riders, Major Prince Kurian of Remount Veterinary College & Centre (RVC & C), Meerut, astride Andy Flower, Amateur Riding School, Mumbai’s Shaista Furniturewala, piloting Barona and Sinsinwar, on Silver Streak, settled for the second position.

Sinsinwar was in a joyful mood after the victory crediting the win to his 13-year-old horse Gazal, used only for show jumping. “It’s a great feeling to win this event as its so touch and go. There is a party for all the riders after the competition, I am trying to organise that..so to win this title in between all that is good,’’ he added.

Results: JNEC: One-Day Event: Adam Oberoi (Landtos, EIRS, 46.80) 1; Fouad Mirza (Columbus, ECE/HH, 51.21) 2; Maryk Sahney (Dubcaisil, ECE/HH, 52.11) 3.

BHS: One-Day Event: Fouad Mirza (Columbus, ECE/HH, 51.21) 1; Yuvraj Yadav (Gyan, MPSEA, 56.80) 2; Angad Sehlot (Didolly, ECE/HH, 59.50) 3.

BHS: Open Six Bar: Amit Sinsinwar (Gazal, ASC C & C) 1; Prince Kurian (Andy Flower, RVC & C), Amit Sinsinwar (Silver Streak, ASC C & C), Shaista Furniturewala (Barona, ARC) 2.

Individual titles: Best rider (BHS): Amit Sinsinwar (ASC C & C).

 Best Young Rider: Fouad Mirza (ECE/HH). Best Junior Rider: Yahavi Mariwalla (EIRS). Best rider (Children I): Balaji S (EIRS). Children II: Raunak Anand (Indl).