No dearth of spots

No dearth of spots

Favourite Hangouts

No dearth of spots

One of the eateries, where the students spend time.

The students of BMS Engineering College are quite lucky as far as eating out is concerned.They have a variety of choices close to their college.

Halli Tindi, Ice Thunder, Roti Ghar, Cream and Crisp, Butter Sponge, Kamat’s Bugle Rock, McDonald’s, K C Das are some of them and that’s where they spend their free time.

The BMS Katte, which is in the campus itself, is a favourite time-pass spot for most of the students. The Katte is located under a huge tree and is a meeting point for friends. They exchange ideas, chat and share eatables brought from home. Every student in the college has a fascination towards this place.

Ravi Kumar, a fifth-semester student in electrical engineering, frequently visits Ice Thunder and likes to have the sandwiches there. “I often go there, along with my friends, and spend more than an hour there. We often have sandwiches from Ice Thunder, cakes and pastries from Butter Sponge and Gulab Jamun from Roti Ghar,” he says.

“But we never miss any class. Once the classes are over, we meet at Katte and then decide where to go,” he adds. Poojitha, another student, prefers to have food at Halli Tindi. She says, “Halli Tindi, situated at Hanumanth Nagar, is near our college and I like the break-fast there. Usually, nine of us go in a group and order the items we want.”

“We spend more than two hours there, sometimes bunking our classes. And we always feel happy to have ‘chats’ at roadside shops and find them tasty,” she laughs.

According to Naveen, a third-year student in mechanical engineering, McDonald’s is much popular among  students these days.

He says, “Though my home is very close to the college, I accompany my friends to the eateries. Kamat’s Bugle Rock and Roti Ghar on Bull Temple Road, Halli Tindi in Hanumanth Nagar, Cream and Crisp at Gandhi Bazaar and McDonald's near Ramakrishna Ashram are quite famous. We prefer to visit Halli Tindi because the food is hygienic and the prices are reasonable fair.”