'My father made me an extrovert'

'My father made me an extrovert'

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'My father made me an extrovert'

Life is really good and welcoming post Vicky Donor. Cricket and cinema are the two big entities in India. For many years I have been in this industry but then I used to take interviews as an RJ, now I am giving one,” says anchor-turned-actor Ayushmann Khurrana, who was recently in the City to launch the first Gili World Store in GK’s M-block market.

He is still riding high on the success of his debut film but it doesn’t scare him at all, “Every film is different and needs to be treated differently. I can only test my skill as an actor and no one knows what lies ahead. But I am not scared about how my next film will do because I feel that if you are scared then you live in failure even without performing.”

“I don’t understand the word ‘package’,” he says referring to his ability to dance, sing and act well at the same time. “All I know is whatever you do, you must do well and that is what I follow. This word is media generated but I feel that you should make the right choice to click with your audience.”

There are no strings attached to his fame even though his father is a renowned astrologer. “My name has had the extra ‘n’ and ‘r’ since I was a kid in school. I was never interested in astrology,” he says showing his fingers sans any lucky stones but admits, “If my father says anything then I just follow it as a mark of respect.”

For it is his father who transformed him. “As a person I am laidback and not ambitious. I always had a certain talent but was an introvert. It was my father who encouraged me and made me an extrovert and encouraged me to unveil my talent,” he confesses.

His talent is not just limited to acting these days for the actor is just back from Chennai after assisting filmmaker Shoojit Sircar as an assistant director for the latter’s upcoming Madras Café but has no plans to switch from acting to direction in the near future. “I don’t know if becoming a director would be easy for me now since I have assisted Shoojit sir and been a part of the filmmaking process. I want to learn the process but I would like to be a better actor and singer first. I think I am too much of a novice to be a director yet.”

As for the future, he is looking forward to his upcoming project with Yash Raj Films as he has recently signed a three-film deal with them. “Every association depends on its credibility. I have recently joined YRF and they are the market leaders in filmmaking. It gives me a sense of security to be associated with credible