Way of voicing opinion

Way of voicing opinion

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Radhika M S, II year BA, Christ College

Radhika M S
II year BA, Christ College
“The faculties of most colleges, if not all, exercise excessive authority, thereby suppressing the creativity and the credentials of the students. At the end of the day, when an event has been successfully carried out, all the credit is given to the teachers. All the hard work of the students seems futile. Hence, we need a student union.”

Manant Maheshwari|
II year BE, PESIT College

“Students unions are necessary as they serve as a breeding ground for young politicians. Students can get a platform and opportunity to place their individual opinions and become more aware of current affairs through this. Unions also encourage them to participate in Indian politics. India needs young leaders to take it forward. Student unions serve as the nurturing grounds.”

Moksha Jain, II year BBM, Sri Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain University Moksha Jain
II year BBM, Sri Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain University

“Student unions form an integral part when it comes to taking valid decisions. The students are the power cell of an institution. They bring about propaganda in handling important events and issues. The students feel connected to an institution if they have a channel through which their ideas and perceptions can be voiced out.”

Shreya Deshpande
Final year BBM, CMS College

“I feel that a student union is not necessary, because the student community in Bangalore overall is very vocal about its opinion. However, student councils are necessary for colleges as they represent the face of the student body. Unions would work well in cases where students are suppressed and are not allowed to place their opinions. Bangalore’s student community does not fall into this category.”

Rohil Suneja
II year BBM, Sri Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain University

“Student unions have the tendency to wreak havoc and instead of making students more vocal, they instigate students to go against the authorities unnecessarily. Yes, I agree the authorities must be questioned, but unions as far as I’ve seen, have literally impinged violence and bloodshed. Tactics of diplomacy, courage and strength can never be learnt through the ways of a union.”

Noorain Shakeel
Final year BBM, CMS College

“In my opinion, student unions do not play a major role in the development of educational institutions as they bring about internal conflicts and cause unnecessary hindrances. Student unions tend to become completely opinion-oriented. They do not hold any relevance, since at the end of the day, it is the higher authority that has an upper hand.”