Railways could soon have its own dedicated TV channel

Railways could soon have its own dedicated TV channel

"The channel could be run on the lines of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha channels and content developed to bring out various facets of Indian Railways," the Passenger Amenities Committee of Railways has recommended.

It said the channel should also act as a medium in promoting tourism and culture across the country and bring out programmes in association with tourism departments and tour operators.

Its recommendations are being currently studied by the Railway Board.
The six-member committee, which met in Kolkata recently, has also suggested slashing the price of Railways own brand of bottled water 'Rail Neer' from Rs 12 per bottle to make it more affordable to the masses.

It said the price should not be higher than 5 to 10 per cent of its cost of production and distribution, implying a bottle could be bought at Rs 5 to Rs 7.

Sending periodic SMS to passengers about train running information and expanding the services of 139 information system are among its other suggestions.

The committee has suggested that names of passengers be incorporated in PRS system so that they can be updated regularly through SMS.

"The mobile number of passengers be incorporated in the PRS system so that a passenger is informed about his PNR status after charting, coach position from engine, train running information, platform berthing information etc. through SMSes," it said.

Besides, it recommended that seats lying vacant after chart preparations should continue to be made available for booking from all locations including intermediate stations.
Particulars of such bookings should be sent to the TTE through SMS as confirmation of such bookings having being made.

It also said that 139 passenger information service should be further improvised and information related to local and special trains should also be made available.