Big B apprises fans of his bad health

Big B apprises fans of his bad health

Big B-Down with flu-like symptoms

"A beastly cold sets upon me and a chest condition that threatens to develop into a disturbing congestion, drains all my energy. This is a terrible condition to be in. I need to avoid any kind of deep infection because it sets of various alarms in my rather frail system," the Bollywood icon told his EF (Extended Family), as he calls his readers.

"I am requesting an early exit since bed rest has been advised for as long as I can manage," he wrote on his blog. "There's also a matter with my shoulder that convulses with sporadic spasms inadvertently. Sitting and lying down brings it on severely and since most of our acts during the day involve us in these specific modes it is binding my activities to a level that I do not like," Bachchan said.

The actor said he was under treatment to control the cold and chest condition, drugs to ease the pain in the shoulder, and also an electronic physio therapy session twice a day to minimize or cure the pain in his shoulder which sends a "lightening like spasm into my life and my existence".

Sound waves are being rubbed into the shoulder through a pasty cream and thereafter a pad that is fed by electrodes is attached which sends shock waves in to the affected area with the intent of curing it, he said. Bachchan said those concerned with his health have attributed this to changed climate conditions, Flu-like symptoms in the atmosphere during the time of the year.

"I accept all these, simply because it would be futile to argue against it," he said.