Illuminated Gol Gumbaz to charm Sahitya Sammelana delegates

Illuminated Gol Gumbaz to charm Sahitya Sammelana delegates

The historical Gol Gumbaz, swathed in floodlight, its architectural marvel lit up in all its resplendant glory, in a play of light and shadow, will provide the galaxy of literati, converging in the City of Monuments – Bijapur, a perfect, pictorial backdrop for their post-diurnal literary deliberations.

With the Mohammed Adil Shah ruled City playing host to the 79th Kannada Sahitya Sammelana, it is only in the fitness of things that Bijapur treat its elite guests with a chance to soak in the serene beauty as also savour the cool breeze following their brain-storming sessions at the event sitting in its moondrenched, slyvan lush lawns.

According to Honorary President of the Sammelana, Bijapur MLA Appu Pattanashetty, it has been proposed to provide a visual treat to lovers of literature who would be flocking the City during the three-day jamboree to enjoy in front of the historically illuminated Gol Gumbaz till 9 pm, on the lines of Taj Mahal in Agra, which is enjoyed by visitors on a moon-lit night.

According to rules of Department of Archaeological Survey of India, visits to historical monuments including Gol Gumbaz, is restricted after dusk, with the to banned after 6 pm. The government, has however, made arrangements by installing huge electric lights around Gol Gumbaz, to be illuminated between 7 pm and 9 pm, every Saturday and Sunday.

While watching the illuminated monument is an enthralling experience in itself, one cannot, however, immerse themselves in the picturesque locale, as the entry on the 64 acre sprawling premises of Gol Gumbaz is banned even during these two hours.

According to officials of archaeology department, the garden on the premises has been developed and four CCTV cameras have been installed for security concerns. Two toilets and drinking water facility has been provided. The department officials opine that the administration should provide with lighting facilities from the main entrance till the monument with unlimited power supply.

Battery-operated car

Further, the department had also announced a ramp from the main entrance till the monument to facilitate easy access for the disabled and elderly persons.

According to Archaeological Superintendent, Dharwad Zone, Department of Archaeological Survey of India, P Shrilakshmi, there is a demand to extend the time limit to Gol Gumbaz during the 79th Kannada Sahitya Sammelana till 9 pm, so that the visitors can enjoy the illumination. However, no written request has been in this regard and hence, department is was yet to seek permission from the higher-ups. If the district administration sought permission in writing, the department will definitely respond, she added.

She said: “We have submitted a proposal to Karanaka State Tourism Department seeking battery-operated car facility and ramp on Gol Gumbaz premises and toilets on the premises of Ibrahim Roza. These infrastructure facilities, which may cost around Rs 9 lakh, should be provided before the Sammelana, she added.

Cleanliness drive

Meanwhile, assistant conservation officer said in view of the Sahitya Sammelana, all monuments have been cleaned and spruced up. Every month, at least one lakh tourists visit the monuments in Bijapur. During the Sahitya Sammelana, this number is expected to swell substantially. The tourists opine that additional water should be provided at Ibrahim Roza and at Sangeeth Mahal in Toravi to cater to the visitors.

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