Dissident Congressmen humiliated

Dissident Congressmen humiliated

Muniyappa thumbed a nose at all their efforts and returned triumphant

Former minister K Srinivasa Gowda, Chintamani legislator Sudhakar Reddy and their supporters had declared ‘war’ on Muniyappa and sworn to defeat him being in the Congress.
As soon as the elections were announced, these leaders tried their best to deny a ticket to Muniyappa who was already a five-time winner. Trying to use their influence they landed in Delhi. However, they failed in their attempt because he did get the

Openly supported BJP

But after Muniyappa got the ticket, these leaders called their supporters and alleged that he had not helped them during the Assembly elections. Openly they had declared their support for the BJP candidate D S Veeraiah. And during the campaigning they had worked for Veeraia by asking their followers to canvass against
However, all these efforts went in vain as Muniyappa thumbed a nose at all their efforts and returned triumphant for the six time in a row.
After the election process began, his efforts to bring all the leaders together did not yield result. Even when AICC general secretary and Karnataka in-charge Ghulam Nabi Azad was invited to address the election rally, the dissident leaders did not attend the rally accusing Muniyappa of not inviting them.
In such a situation Muniyappa gathered District Congress Committee president N S Bissegowda, legislators V Muniyappa, Amaresh, M Narayanaswamy and former legislator K R Ramesh Kumar and went along with all the Block Congress presidents and canvassed.
He explained to the people about the development works he had taken up in Kolar and Chikkaballapur. Even then with the dissidence rearing its ugly head he had to face some stern moments.

Sympathy factor

He was accused of finishing off the influential leaders in the district politically. On the other hand his opponent Veeraiah of BJP was trying to gain the sympathy factor as he had lost the election last time by just 11,000 votes.
Another force he had to face was a strong candidate like G Chandranna whom the JD(S) had fielded. Hence, the 15th Lok Sabha election was a very big challenge for Muniyappa.  However, legislator V Muniyappa and former legislator Ramesh Kumar supported him throughout the campaign.
He finally managed to bag a huge lead in primarily in Shidlaghatta and emerge victorious. Also in Mulbagal and unexpectedly in KGF his passage was smooth. Even though the BJP gained in Chintamani, Kolar, Malur and Bangarpet, it was relegated to the third place in Shidlaghatta and Srinvisapura.
After the counting all Muniyappa told the media was, “This is a ‘dharma yudd,’ and I have won. People of all sections of the society forgetting caste and party have voted for me. I am grateful to all of them. Besides, those who did not know Congress culture tried to betray me. All I have to say is, I do not hold any grudge against any of them and I do not wish ill-will for them.”
The big challenge before Muniyappa now in the district is to bring back the dissidents into the Congress flock or cleanse it up completely.