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take a dive: Lara Dutta with Sanjay Dutt in the film ‘Blue’.

“The biggest high in life is risk. Money makes us rich, happy,” pipes a man with a bathroom brush goatee.
His eyes are on a trove of treasure lying on the bed of the sea off the Bahamas. The riches, it transpires, are a heap of gold ornaments.

These, if history is on the filmmaker’s side, are in a British ship that was carrying back to India in 1949 what had been looted during colonial rule.
Akshay Kumar, the goatee guy, whose thunder seems to have been stolen, is after this and hatches a plot to get it. The pawn in the game is Dutt, paunchy, dopey-eyed and looking ship-wrecked. His brother Khan has lost 50 million dollars.
He says he doesn’t believe in luck or kismet, but desperately wants money.
Rahul Dev, looking as if he had emerged from the innards of a python, is also smacking his lips and licking his guns for the khazana.

When it is within grasp, he guffaws: “Hi, Ram, Laxman and Hanuman, now you have the treasure of Lanka, but mere paas hai Sita! Give that lady, and take your Sita.” That lady refers to Blue Lady as the British ship is called.

Sita is Dutt’s love-interest, Lara Dutta. She too looks like wanting a cut of the treasure so that she can put a stitch on: poor thing, Krishna seems to have taken away all her clothes! High on style, low on substance, a film-goer was heard saying as we emerged from the multiplex. As one of the characters bellows, D’Souza seems to be over-smart, overconfident. He has sunk Rs 100-odd crores in marine junk.